9th Squad

The main characters of Coranox are a trio of childhood friends, bound by their experiences growing up on the northern Coranthian frontier known as the Atherian Outlands. Their ambition and sense of patriotic duty, matched only by their deep loyalty to one another, lead them down a shared path through the nation’s most prestigious military academy. They are thrust into the war that breaks out between Coranthia and Amelares and struggle with their creeds and ambitions both at home and on the front lines.
Upon official designation, Reznik Sylvera and Madeline Agilda are assigned to the 9th Squad of the 26th Company of the Coranthian Army, where they serve with these soldiers.
Cyrus Marcole is an aloof, irritable young man from Calena who serves as a swordsman in the 9th Squad. His generally unfriendly attitude casts an alienating impression, one that is exacerbated by the prominent scar across his face.
Amy Trenton is assigned to the 9th Squad along with her twin brother, Alphonse, and serves as a scout along with Madeline. The Trentons hail from the Outlands town of Warrenhill and, like many other commoners, joined the military in order to support their family farm. Level-headed and mature for her age, Amy lacks Alphonse’s brashness, but maintains a gregarious demeanor.
Alphonse Trenton is assigned to the 9th Squad along with his twin sister, Amy, and is the unit’s sole skirmisher. The Trentons hail from the Outlands town of Warrenhill and, like many other commoners, joined the military in order to support their family farm. Filled with youthful vigor, Alphonse is motivated and well-intentioned.
Bethany Lane is a veteran of the Coronation War, having joined the military at a young age. Hailing from the Lynderan town of Densley, she serves as a crossbowman in the 9th Squad. She provides a steady presence on the front lines amid the influx of untested, newly graduated avets upon the outbreak of war.
Philip Dyson is an unestated man from Kantor and a close friend to Liam Remington. He serves as an axman in the 9th Squad. Due to a past injury, Philip is unable to speak. Despite this disadvantage, Philip is an able fighter and a strongly empathetic person.
Nicole Desanolis is a young swordswoman and recent graduate of Barrington Academy. An only child and daughter of a blacksmith, Nicole grew up idolizing her father and his work. She became fascinated with the smithy trade, and swords in particular, and informally apprenticed under her father, but he disapproved of her following in his trade. As a result, she decided instead to enroll in the academy at the age of sixteen.
Patrice Konith is a young unestated woman who serves as the 9th Squad’s medic. Her reserved and shy demeanor casts her apart from her squadmates, but she is sincere and takes her duties seriously.
Josef Reinbach is an immigrant from the Doromalian Empire who owns a small Lymrian estate. He serves as a lancer in the 9th Squad. Josef is a skilled fighter, wielding his lance with a proficiency that hints at highly disciplined Doromalian training.
Liam Remington is a low-ranking noble from Kantor who graduated from Kendrall Academy and a swordsman in the 9th Squad. He is eager to live up to the legacy of his father, who served in the Coronation War of 970–971.
Mason Hunt is a nine-year veteran of the army. The oldest of seven siblings, he eventually left his farm to seek a living and better means to support his family. Unable to sustain this effort, he eventually joined the military in an attempt to earn a pension and estate through tenure.
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