Amelares is a hostile nation bordering Coranthia to the east. The Amelaren military is led by the War Council. The council consists of the highest-ranking warriors, known as war chiefs, and is led by the warlord. There is no rigid structure within the council itself; seniority does not necessarily correlate with rank. Each war chief is given complete logistical control of warriors placed under his or her charge. The current council adopts lunaprism colors to distinguish the commanders of individual warriors on the battlefield.
Xanos is a male war chief who is agreeable and sociable when engaged, but is otherwise dispassionate. Within the council, he is the most knowledgeable of the Coranthian language and culture. His lunaprism color is ivory.
As the oldest of the war chiefs, Zefrid is not a combatant and serves only an advisory role to the warlord. As a result, he commands no warriors and has not adopted a color. He prefers to use his words and rhetoric instead of brute force to aid the War Council’s cause.
Lebb is a young war chief and close friend of fellow chief Tallen. Brash, outspoken, and crude, he harbors strong opinions but is nevertheless respectful enough to uphold camaraderie within the council. His lunaprism color is coral.
For all intents and purposes, War Chief Tallen serves as the right hand of the warlord. A fearsome man to whom the entire Amelaren army pays strict deference, he commands a large force and unfailingly leads the charge into battle at the fore of his warriors. His lunaprism color is onyx.
Long-time partner of Warlord Orlen, Shira is the highest ranking war chief and subordinate to none within the ranks of Amelaren warriors and war chiefs. While overtly calm like her younger sister Yura, Shira projects an impenetrably cold air. Many consider her even more intimidating than the warlord himself. Her lunaprism color is azurite.
Yura is the youngest war chief and a relative to Shira; their relationship is an uneasy one, marked by the latter’s domineering and condescending demeanor. Yura herself possesses an even-keeled temperament that belies her prowess as a fighter. Her lunaprism color is sky.
A massive, hulking war chief who speaks few words, Sol is a formidable fighter and one of the most accomplished tacticians within the council. He is a sword enthusiast and carries multiple weapons on his person into battle, often sporting a different rotation each time. His lunaprism color is jade.
Izven is a senior war chief and a veteran of the Coronation War. A participant in earlier conflicts against both Coranthians and native tribes during the unification of Amelares, he is completely devoted to the war effort against Coranthia. His lunaprism color is umber.
Olifa is a mercurial young feigren, a high-ranked female warrior subordinate only to the council. While generally dispassionate and unfeeling, she bares a ferocious temperament on the battlefield.
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