Royal Cabinet

Established by the second king of Coranthia, Cyril, the Royal Cabinet is a four-member group of estated men who serve as the sovereign’s closest and most powerful advisors, and frequently liaison with the nobles of the Assembly of Lords. The Cabinet oversees the four primary ministries of governance: Treasury, Defense, Interior, and Agriculture.
Martin Stanton Verinda is the senior member of the Cabinet and current Minister of the Interior. As a mid-ranking noble from a Kantorian estate who rose to become magistrate of the city, Verinda lacks an intricate network of relationships within the Lynderan elite. King Samsen sees Verinda’s modest origins as an advantage in handling the wide range of domestic affairs required of the Interior Ministry. An easygoing but steadfast man, Verinda is similar in temperament to Minister Grandville, but conveys a much more open demeanor; as a result, he maintains good standing with most nobles.
Elliott Havora is the junior member of the Cabinet and current Minister of Agriculture. With connections to Lynderan crop estates as well as numerous farming villages throughout the Outlands, Havora has had enduring connections to much of Coranthia’s agricultural network. Like Minister Verinda, he is also a mid-ranking noble, but unlike Verinda, his estate is Lymrian, placing him in social circles with much wealthier Lynderan nobles who condescend toward him and are resentful of his promotion to a duchy at his relatively young age.
Ferdin Velmann is a longtime friend of Samsen’s and current Minister of Defense. He fought alongside Samsen in the Coronation War, where he displayed combat prowess on par with, if not exceeding, that of Samsen himself. Handsome, fiery, and charismatic, he spurred and led Coranthian soldiers to numerous victories in battle. His selection to be the Minister of Defense was overwhelmingly popular throughout the country. Now in middle age with a wife and son, Velmann has lost some of his luster, but remains a fixture within both the nobility and the military.
Weston Grandville is a longtime friend of Samsen’s and current Minister of the Treasury. He fought alongside Samsen in the Coronation War and his mastery of logistics cast him, in Samsen’s eyes, as a natural choice to oversee nation’s finances. Grandville has a firm reputation throughout Coranthia as stoic and guarded, but fair and respectful. He is one of the few members of the nobility with whom Prince Adrian is sociable. He is also Minister Velmann’s closest friend.
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