Military High Command

The Coranthian army imposes a mandatory one-year service period for all estated men, while unestated men and women serve on a volunteer basis. Prospective soldiers must attend one of three military academies before acceptance into the ranks. From lowest to highest, Coranthian military ranks are: avet, sergeant, vice-captain, captain, colonel, and general. The basic unit of the army is the company, made up of squads of avets and led by a captain and his or her adjutant vice captain. The king himself is the commander-in-chief of all military forces, with the Minister of Defense as his adjutant.
In the absence of the king or Minister of Defense on the battlefield, field command of the Coranthian Army is delegated to the generals.
Marsell Leynitz is the younger of the two Coranthian generals. Considered the portrait of a consummate Coranthian elite and the standard-bearer of the army, Leynitz carries a reputation of treating his soldiers and fellow Coranthian citizens with kindness and respect. Thus, he enjoys favor from Coranthians of all social strata, as well as unquestioning loyalty and admiration from his soldiers.
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