Main Characters

The main characters of Coranox are a trio of childhood friends, bound by their experiences growing up on the northern Coranthian frontier known as the Atherian Outlands. Their ambition and sense of patriotic duty, matched only by their deep loyalty to one another, lead them down a shared path through the nation’s most prestigious military academy. They are thrust into the war that breaks out between Coranthia and Amelares and struggle with their creeds and ambitions both at home and on the front lines.
Reznik Sylvera is the son of Sebastian and Edith Sylvera. The Sylveras are among the most respected members of the community in the remote northwestern Outlands village of Jardis. Although they differed in temperament, Sebastian and Edith enjoyed a harmonious marriage and raised Reznik while serving as leaders of the village watch. Thanks to his diligence and combat experience as one of the youngest members of the watch, Reznik was one of few commoners accepted into Tellisburg, the prestige military academy in Coranthia. His best friends are Madeline Agilda and Renard Renault; together, they pledge to serve their country and seek a platform to better the lives of all Outlanders upon acquiring the power and status necessary to effect change. As the ideologue of the group, Reznik’s motives and opinions have been shaped by the hardships he personally suffered and witnessed. His insistence above all else on abiding by principle renders him prone to tactlessness and stubbornness, although it also makes him assertive and decisive.
Madeline Agilda is the daughter of Harrison and Maya Agilda. The Agildas are among the most respected members of the community in the remote northwestern Outlands village of Jardis. The Agildas and Sylveras are neighbors and close friends. Born in the same year, Madeline and Reznik have been close for as long as they can remember. Madeline is similarly experienced in combat and joins Reznik in representing Jardis at Tellisburg. Madeline is the pragmatic voice of reason who maintains the necessary perspective against the occasional brashness of Reznik and flippancy of Renard. At the same time, she is equally as passionate about improving the lives of her fellow Outlanders, especially those in her home of Jardis, as a result of childhood tragedy.
Renard Renault is the son of Gustaf Renault, a low-ranking member of the estated class in the most populous Coranthian city, Kantor. Over the course of his frequent business travels throughout the Outlands, Gustaf befriended the population of Jardis, and the Sylveras in particular. Through this, Renard met Reznik and Madeline when all three were young children. As is typical of low nobility, Renard navigates the various social strata within Coranthia without prejudice. He displays a social flair that appeals to most anyone who makes his acquaintance and is especially fond of charming women, although the extent to which he pursues them with sincere intentions is unclear. Despite his whimsical demeanor, Renard is open and candid toward Reznik and Madeline. He is also extremely skilled at numerous disciplines, impressing upon most people his proficiency as a natural leader.
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