Royal Family

The kingdom of Coranthia is the successor to Lynderas, an independent state and former colony of the overseas Doromalian Empire. Coranthia was founded by a high-ranking member of the Lynderan Assembly of Lords, Count Creon Coranthis. During the Sarigan War (891–898), Creon expanded the borders of the Lynderan frontier north of the Sarigan River. This led to the conquest of the Atherian Outlands and ascendancy of Creon as an authoritarian ruler. Together, Lynderas and the Outlands comprised the official establishment of Coranthia. Ruling over the kingdom, the royal family of Coranthis has extended to its fifth generation and resides in Castle Coranthis, located in the capital of Corande.
Samsen Caden Coranthis, the great-grandson of Creon, is the current sovereign of Coranthia. Ascending to the throne in 968 after the death of the previous king—his uncle, Cyril Aldova Coranthis—Samsen has a decorated military history and was thrust into conflict with the young Amelaren warlord Orlen almost immediately upon his succession of Cyril. Samsen was the main driving force behind the construction of Aldova Fortress, instrumental in achieving victory over the Amelaren warlord Orlen in what is now known as the Coronation War of 970–971. Samsen married Evangeline Galinda Eldamere before becoming king and the couple produced two children, Adrian and Sophelia. Queen Evangeline succumbed to illness and died in 982, leaving Samsen a widower. He has not since remarried.
Adrian Lanford Coranthis is the elder child of King Samsen and heir to the Coranthian throne. A haughty and precocious child, the crown prince previously maintained a healthy distance from the political vortex of Coranthian high society, shielded by Queen Evangeline. After his mother’s death, he decided to embrace his fate as future king. Adrian honed his skills in the martial arts and armed combat, eventually enrolling in Tellisburg Academy, Coranthia’s premier military school.
Sophelia Anamarie Coranthis is the younger child of King Samsen and Queen Evangeline and the first princess of Coranthia by blood. Sophelia experienced a childhood much different from that of her older brother Adrian; Queen Evangeline raised her to be fully assimilated within Coranthian high society. Together, Evangeline and Sophelia were often the public face of the family within social circles in Corande, while Samsen traveled for domestic and foreign affairs and Adrian generally shied away from the attention.
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