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A remote village in the northwestern Atherian Outlands. Given its northern location and limited crop yields, its economy is primarily one of subsistence, although it exports limited quantities of yoa and livestock.


The central hub of the Atherian Outlands and third-largest Coranthian city in terms of population. It is inhabited mostly by middle-class merchants and craftsmen, with only a few estates toward the southern outskirts.


A medium-sized town in the Atherian Outlands. Surrounded by navigable roads, it serves many surrounding smaller villages as a hub for caravans along the road between Calena and Hayes Junction.


A medium-sized town that serves as a waypoint between Calena and Kantor and houses a small military post. It is the largest exporter of grain in the Atherian Outlands.

Hayes Junction

A large trading post and major intersection in the Atherian Outlands, where roads leading to Corande, Kantor, Calena, and Irsa Bastion meet.


The capital of Coranthia. Many of the kingdom’s most notable buildings and institutions are located here. It is the largest city in the country by land area, despite its borders being completely walled. Upon its founding, King Creon had deliberately allowed for vast expansion from what was initially a small frontier settlement.


A small but prosperous Coranthian fishing village along the Sarigan River, not far from the western walls of Corande.


A Coranthian town along the Sarigan River that supports the largest fishery in Coranthia.


A small Coranthian village along the Sarigan River. Originally a military outpost, its prospects for growth were blunted upon the establishment of Irsa Bastion further upstream at the mouth of the Dyna River.


The most populous city in Coranthia, renowned for its central island, home to both the magistracy and a massive entertainment district. Despite its location deep within Inner Coranthia, it attracts many visitors from all over the country, as well as foreign tourists. Heavily populated by both estated and nonestated, this city is well-known for its integrative and inclusive environment for Coranthians of all pedigrees.

Elsin Point

A village northeast of Lake Sanmoria along the road to Tull Rock that houses a small Coranthian military outpost.

Barrington Academy

The largest of three Coranthian military academies, located between Corande and Calena. Its recruitment consists almost entirely of unestated citizens.

Kendrall Academy

The second largest of the three Coranthian military academies, located between Irsa Bastion and Kantor. Most estated recruits unable to qualify for the premier academy at Tellisburg attend this institution. The enrollment population is heterogeneous between estated and unestated cadets.

Irsa Bastion

A fortress built during the early years of Creon’s reign as king of Coranthia. Currently, it serves primarily as a deployment waypoint, connecting Aldova to Inner Coranthia and the Atherian Outlands for soldiers en route to or from the eastern border.


A massive military fortress built upon Lake Sanmoria named after Cyril, the second king of Coranthia. It protects the Coranthian heartland from invasion and is capable of housing a large portion of the Coranthian Army. The structure’s primary defense mechanisms are two cannon towers named Seras and Chari, which protect the paths to either side of fortress gate, facing any enemy approaching from the east.

Tull Rock

A prominent rock formation northeast of Lake Sanmoria. The surrounding area is marked by twisted, winding paths along staggering cliffs and rapid elevation changes at the foot of the Alcone Mountains.

Argiset Highpost

A road junction situated on a large plateau that is the site of a sprawling but lightly fortified Amelaren military installment.

Sarigan River

The second-longest river in Moriana, it is an approximate bisect of Coranthia into north and south, running through the heart of Inner Coranthia. Three of five major Coranthian cities—Corande, Kantor, and Lymria—lie along its banks.

Dyna River

A small but turbulent river connecting Lake Sanmoria to the Sarigan River. It is considered inhospitable to water travel.

Lake Sanmoria

Originally named Zavon by native Morian tribes, this lake was renamed Sanmoria by the second king of Coranthia, Cyril, to reflect its proximity to the centroid of Moriana. Currently, it is most notable as the site of the massive Coranthian fortress, Aldova.

Invar River

A tributary that branches off the Sarigan River near its source in the Alcone Mountains and flows into Lake Sanmoria.

Pyrean Valley

A natural landmark, this location features a wide north-south passageway through the Sanmorian Highlands amidst a maze of surrounding hostile cliffs. It also serves as an approximate midpoint between Lake Sanmoria to the west and the Argiset Plateau to the east.

Atherian Outlands

The northernmost and largest province of the Kingdom of Coranthia, named after the native Ath'ril tribes that were the former predominant populations of the region. It is home to many unstated Coranthians who sought to leave the Lynderan estates of southern Coranthia. These migrations and eventual settlements constitute a prodigious and widespread agricultural economy despite the harsher northern climate.

Dynan Midlands

The easternmost province of the Kingdom of Coranthia. Its geography is predominantly characterized by a hilly region, known as the Sanmorian Corridor, sandwiched between the two major mountain ranges of Moriana: Alcone to the north and Phoenicis to the south. This area is sparsely inhabited and, for all intents and purposes, impassable to heavy traffic aside from a single major road constructed along the Dyna River.

Inner Coranthia

The central province of the Kingdom of Coranthia, home to the capital of Corande and major seaport of Lymria. The region is fairly mixed between estates and unstated agricultural settlements.

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