The story of Coranox takes place on the fictional continent of Moriana, where the two dominant powers are the Kingdom of Coranthia and the Confederation of Amelares. While the events leading up to Coranox as presented here focus mainly on the formation and evolution of Coranthia, the histories of both nations have become inextricably linked over time.

Lynderas Founded

Lynderas, a colony of the extracontinental Doromalian Empire, is founded in the unsettled southwestern region of Moriana.

775 LC

Lynderan Initiates Contact with Ath’ril

Lynderan expansion to the north reaches the Sarigan River. Lynderans contact the native Ath’ril tribe, who are hostile toward what they perceive to be a foreign invasion. Over the following years, the Ath’ril begin to raid Lynderan outposts and fringe settlements they deem too close to their villages along the Sarigan.

851 LC

Lynderan Declaration of Secession

Lynderas declares its intention to secede from the Doromalian Empire.

868 LC

Lynderas Achieves Independence

Lynderas is granted independence from the Empire. Governance is established with the Assembly of Lords, a representative body of high nobles from the most powerful Lynderan estates. Lynderan diplomats reach a peace agreement with the Ath’ril.

870 LC

Amelaren Power Centralized in Malegar

The city of Malegar becomes the seat of the East Amelaren Confederation, a loose union of native tribes east of the Great Amelares River.

881 LC

Hostilities between Native Tribes Near Sarigan River

The establishment of the East Amelaren Confederation sets off a chain reaction of wars among the native tribes that creep westward. Conflict reaches the Sarigan River, as the Zavon tribe provokes territorial disputes with the Ath’ril.

884 LC

Tellisburg Commissioned

Due to the clashes between the native tribes along the Lynderan frontier near the Sarigan River, the Assembly commissions the construction of Tellisburg, a military fortress, to protect the northern border from encroachment.

887 LC

Tellisburg Completed

Construction of Tellisburg is finished. Many of the unestated workers settle at the foot of the Phoenicis Mountains near the fort, which eventually leads to the formation of a proper town adjacent to the fortress.

889 LC

Sarigan War Begins

Escalating regional hostilities result in the outbreak of a three-way conflict between Lynderas, the Ath’ril, and the Zavon, known as the Sarigan War.

891 LC

Coranthis Offensive

Creon Coranthis, First Chairman of the Assembly of Lords, decides to take the offensive and scores a series of decisive victories against both enemies.

895 LC

Corande Founded

Creon establishes the frontier settlement of Corande on the northern banks of the Sarigan River.

897 LC

Sarigan War Ends

A peace agreement is reached between the hostile parties of the Sarigan War. The terms heavily favor Lynderas, which essentially conquers the remnants of the Ath’ril tribe.

898 LC

Creon Becomes Founder and King of Coranthia

After more than a decade of spearheading expansion into former Ath’ril territories, coupled with the consolidation of his power within the Assembly of Lords, Creon Coranthis declares the reformation of the Lynderan state into a larger nation named Coranthia, with the young Corande as its capital. Corande is the geographical center of the combined territories of Lynderas and the former Ath’ril lands—since renamed the Atherian Territories—which are further split into Inner Coranthia and the northern Atherian Outlands. Creon crowns himself king of Coranthia, with the Assembly of Lords designated a complementary but subordinate body.

912 LC

First Amelaren Unification War Begins

The East Amelaren Confederation initiates war with hostile native tribes along the Great Amelares River. The ensuing war is an attempt by Malegar to unite these tribes into a greater Amelaren nation.

929 LC

First Amelaren Unification War Ends

The East Amelaren Confederation is defeated and dissolved at the end of the First Amelaren Unification War, then replaced with the Malegar Confederation.

933 LC

Cyril Ascends

Creon dies at the age of 83. His grandson Cyril ascends to the throne.

946 LC

Cyril Issues Reunion Decree

With the Reunion Decree, Cyril reestablishes diplomatic ties with the Doromalian Empire and creates an official Cabinet of Ministers within the Coranthian government, inaugurating the Ministries of Defense, Interior, Treasury, and Agriculture.

949 LC

Second Amelaren Unification War Begins

The Malegar Confederation initiates the Second Amelaren Unification War, renewing its attempt to reunite all the tribes east of Lake Zavon. The gradual spread of the war triggers a militaristic fever within the Coranthian nobility.

951 LC

Sanmorian War Begins

Encouraged by a warmongering Assembly of Lords, Cyril initiates the Sanmorian War as Coranthian forces attacks the remnants of the Zavon tribe.

957 LC

Second Amelaren Unification War Ends

The Second Amelaren Unification War ends with Malegar’s victory and the absorption of many eastern Morian tribes into the Amelaren Confederation.

958 LC

Sanmorian War Ends

The Sanmorian War ends with Coranthia assuming control of Lake Zavon, which Cyril renames Lake Sanmoria.

959 LC

Lake Sanmoria Fortress Commissioned

Following years of persistent border skirmishes after the conclusion of the Sanmoria War, Samsen Coranthis, the nephew of Cyril and heir to the throne, proposes the construction of a fortress on Lake Sanmoria. Through the Empire, Cyril makes contact with the Karmos engineering guild to oversee the design of the fortress. The nobility is highly opposed to the plan, but Cyril is firm in his support of Samsen’s idea and construction begins.

965 LC

Lake Sanmoria Fortress Renamed Aldova Fortress

To commemorate Coranthia’s victory in the Sanmorian War, the Lake Sanmoria Fortress is renamed Aldova Fortress in Cyril’s honor.

967 LC

Samsen Ascends

Cyril passes away and Samsen ascends to the throne.

968 LC

Orlen Recognized As Warlord

Orlen becomes the young new Warlord of the Amelaren Confederation.

969 LC

Coronation War Begins

A series of Amelaren raids results in the rapid mobilization of Coranthian forces to the East Sanmorian Highlands. In response, Orlen attacks in full force at the Pyrean Valley outpost, triggering what comes to be known as the Coronation War. Both sides win significant battles, but the Amelarens begin to push the Coranthians back to Lake Sanmoria.

970 LC

Coronation War Ends

Orlen’s forces are stopped by the newly completed Aldova Fortress, which decimates the Amelaren offensive with its water cannon towers. A half-cycle later, Coranthia and Amelares reach a ceasefire.

971 LC

Present Day

987 LC
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